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Online Tools

PC ScreenOn this page you will find a collection of tools or utilities which we hope you will find useful. These tools are to be used directly on our website, so you do not need to install them yourself.

Link to our "Scripts" section
.htpasswd Encryption Tool
Encrypt your passwords for use with Apache's password protection system
by Bill & Daniel
Domain Lookup Tool
Find out if a domain name is available, and if it isn't, find out who owns it
by Daniel
HTML Character Codes
Find out the codes for special characters in HTML
by Daniel
IP Atlas
Find the approximate location of an IP
by Daniel
Meta Tag Generator
Generate meta tags to add to your web pages - the essential step to get into search engines
by Daniel
Password Generator
Need a secure password, which doesn't mean anything? Use our random password generator.
by Daniel
phpBB IP Converter
To save on database space, phpBB encodes IPs before inserting them into the database. This script will convert a phpBB encoded IP to a standard IP, and provide a hostname where available.
by Daniel
Scrollbar Colour Changer
Change the colours of the scrollbars on your website in a matter of seconds! No more guessing as to which attribute corresponds to which spot on the scrollbar; we have it all explained. Only works for IE 5.5+ users.
by Daniel
Traffic Calculator
This tool will convert your monthly traffic (or bandwidth) allowance into different units (Bytes, KB, MB, GB...), and divide it up into a daily traffic allowance, so thay you know how much traffic you can use every day. Lastly, you can choose the accuracy of the calculations (number of decimal places).
by Adam
Unix Timestamp Converter
Many scripts these days use Unix timestamps to store times of various events. However, even though this format takes up less space in your database, it is almost impossible to convert without using a converter.
by Daniel
Web Glossary
Find out the explanation of all those technical terms which you don't understand
by Daniel
Web Safe Colors
The 256 colors which you should use to maintain compatibility with older computers
by Daniel
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