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Online Tools: Unix Timestamp Converter

Convert timestamps into dates
  In GMT. Example: 1010342461.
  Timezone which the result will be given in.

Convert dates into timestamps:
Day: (01-31)
Month: (01-12)
Hour: (00-23)
Minute: (00-59)
Second: (00-59)

Latest comments
Name: RRREmail none
I love this tool. I use it every day. thx!
Name: DJ DEmail none
thx Very Happy
Name: TranzorbEmail none
Name: chimpEmail none
thank you so much. clutch af.
Name: marcoEmail none
The converter is acting strange.... looks like some sort of form submitting bug
Name: alexEmail none
very good
Name: HariEmail hari dot kommineni1985 at gmail dot com
Name: Merijn den HoutingEmail none
For the once who ask, the timestamp repressents the amount of seconds from the 1st of January 1970. That way you can easily add/subtract time from it. For example, next week would add 60 * 60 * 24 * 7 = 604800 seconds to the timestamp of this moment.
Name: Gaurav MakwanaEmail gaurav dot stepin at gmail dot com
My time stamp ex.:-1410266449.291851

in point above part in seconds, after the point(291851)
this is second or milisecond ...?
Name: GMEmail none
can anybody give me the formula to convert time in timestamp 1409563580 into datetime (Monday, September 1st 2014, 09:26:20 (GMT))
Name: Rafael GuimarĂ£esEmail none
Thank you so much! save some little time to test the timestamps!
Name: WatcherEmail none
Some checkbox for daylight saving time mode should be added
Name: umarEmail umar021 at gmail dot com
Hi, i want some help, i was implimenting NTP (Network time Protocol) which have 64 bit timestamp
first 32 bits for seconds and next 32 bits for fractional seconds ...
does anyone know how to check those values. bec i put values i am obtaining from my code but am geting date of future... c
Name: BenEmail none
Have used this tool a thousand times. Very useful!

Thank you very much!
Name: A.GrandtEmail none

The value after the decimal point are microseconds.

406759808.379804 > 11/20/2013 8:27:57 PM EST 379 milliseconds 804 microseconds
Name: Abdul MominEmail none
Great tool, thanks for the effort man. I really appreciate it.
Name: RXBEmail none
Is anyone able to let me knw what timestamp format the numbers are below represent? The date / time after the arrow is what it translates to . Could anyone please let me know how to derive from the number to the date/time and vice versa. Thanks.

406686248.077943 > 11/20/2013 7:24:08 PM EST
406759808.379804 > 11/20/2013 8:27:57 PM EST
Name: dudeEmail none
@ cickur - yeah... I'll bet that paquani brought shame to not just himself and his family, but probably the whole village as well, lol. shudda been studying instead of praying
Name: cickurEmail none
boy, instead of praying for 2 whole days you could've googled out solution for your problem
Name: paqaniEmail solamarii_rs0023 at hotmail dot com
kind persons, it is AGAIN and with great URGENCY that i ask to receive c code for avr and wiring for lcd NEEDED to display time from converted numbers on lcd and i know no way to do this.. this is for school project.. PLEASE do not allow me to bring great shame to my self and my family if i fail. i offer many MANY GRATEFUL THANKS and eternal praises to any who can plz help me SOON. for two days now i have asked and prayed. my email is i thank all for your kind and fast reply

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