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Online Tools: Password Generator

Password Generator


Simply enter the desired length, select a strength, and press the Generate button! The script will generate a random password for you.

Password Length:
Password Strength: Everyday Use Medium Strength High Strength

Latest comments
Name: SAKEITHEmail sakeith at aol dot com
How can I add a time out/logout feature to .htaccess/password file?
Name: BrianEmail none
This doesn't really give good passwords. My everyday use passwords are generally 15 characters or more, and have Upper and Lower case letters, numbers, and symbols (full ASCII table) but this only generates letter passwords, which are much easier to crack.
Name: MarkEmail none
The strong encryption isn't really "that" strong.
Name: TREVOREmail none
Name: Al McNicollEmail none
A very nice tool. As people won't always copy-and-paste, it might be worth using a serif font to display the password though - otherwise those 1s, Is and ls all look the same! (ones, capital 'i's and lowercase "L"s)
Name: JamesEmail mrrednek at yahoo dot com
The maximum characters that this will generate is 90.

I sure hope I don't need that many characters, LOL!

What about special characters?
Name: JacquelynEmail none
Thanks for having a site to do something I am too lazy to think about.
Name: Just Some GuyEmail none
You mention that there is a max of 13, but it works on numbers higher than that.  It successfully created one for me with 25 characters.
Name: DanielEmail use contact form
Fixed. Thanks for pointing this out!
Name: OreckelEmail oreckel at eliteforce dot com
Looks nice - although once you submit the script, the "Everyday Use | Medium | Strong" radio buttons jump back to the default - however it seems that this would be relaitvly easy to fix.

I give it a thumbs up. Smile

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