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Online Tools: .htpasswd Encryption Tool

Before using this tool, you may wish to read our tutorial on Password Protection.

Insert your desired username and password below to create a line to place in your .htpasswd file. Use three or more characters. You may only use letters, numbers and underscores (_).
Password Again:

FrontPage Warning:

FrontPage sites have a .htaccess file in the root directory that is created when the FrontPage extensions are installed. FrontPage users should proceed with caution and make a backup copy of their .htaccess file before making any changes. Incorrect changes to your .htaccess file can result in your site being unreachable.
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Mark A
If you enter the same name and password in the same case more than once you get a different code!

All the different strings work with the same name and password.
EG. Name='name', password='password'
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THANK YOU!!! for posting the whereami.php script.  Was going mad.  I wish you good things!
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very usefull !thanks
Thank you for this!
Cristiano Costa
Thank you, very helpful!!!
Tinel Barb
So, the password hashes you provide are in obsolete format and don`t work.
For anybody who need a password generator i recommend using "htpasswd" utility which is the Apache`s package.
The commands are:
1. to CREATE the .htpasswd file use:
htpasswd -cmb .htpasswd USER PASSWORD
2. To ADD more users in the existing file use:
htpasswd -cmb .htpasswd USER PASSWORD
3. To DELETE a user from existing file use:
htpasswd -D .htpasswd USER
4. To just display the result line (no need to provide a filename):
htpasswd -nmb USER PASSWORD

Windows users can find the tool in the Apache`s install directory, in the "bin" folder. be aware, your POST variables are not well sanitized, an sql injection can be possible.
(I`ve got this:
There was an error adding your comments to the database:
You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near .... at line 4)
Love it. Thank you!!!
This is what I put in the .htaccess file

AuthUserFile /absolute/path/.htpasswd
AuthName "Restricted"
AuthType Basic
require valid-user
cool, thanks for the tool, very helpful.
Buck Wilde
Thank you. Very helpful!
Thank you very much, very handy tool Smile
Just stopping in to say I use the htaccess page at least 3 times every year.  I want to thank you for making this site for us.  
Thanks for a very useful tool...
betty james
Hi, I am betty james, I like this blog very much, So I am happy to open this blog..........
According to Apache manual, maximum length would be limited to 255 characters.
The maxium length with the default encryption algorithm is 8,so if you use a longer password it will be trimmed without notice,if you want to use a longer password you can use the htpasswd tool with the -s switch.
Itried this online tool, and it worked perfectly:
Rob Miller
I liked your site.
Thanks Smile
Big thanks to 4webhelp and Tim Woolfson who shared his php. With his script I found the correct path, that I alway suspected was the problem, and resolved the issue! I now have a password-protected site.
how show htpasswd in every one hour?
how to show htpasswd in every one hour ?
what we can used please tell me briefly.

Salt can be different any time you generate a new one, please before to say stupid thing, READ THE **** MANUAL.

for information you htaccess shoud look like :

AuthUserFile /path/to/a//non/web/directory/.htpasswd
AuthName "Not for noob"
AuthType Basic
<limit GET POST>
require valid-user
It just works... thanks a lot!
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very nice work.
will appreciate it if i can get the awesome tool. Smile
Brian Stanfill
   # AllowOverride controls what directives may be placed in .htaccess files.
   # It can be "All", "None", or any combination of the keywords:
   #   Options FileInfo AuthConfig Limit
   AllowOverride None

## change to AllowOverride AuthConfig
## if you want to use .htaccess to control
## password access.
Have a nice weekends.

It's a great tool.
Could you mail me the SoftWare Please?Thank you!
Can anyone give a definitive answer to what the maximum allowable password length please?

I'm using htpasswd on a BSD system and my server will let me access the protected directory if I enter just the first 8 characters even though my password is 9 characters long. Does this have something to do with a flaw in whatever's being used to encode/encrypt the password? Thanks!
This works just fine.  If all your other steps are done correctly this does encrypt the password just fine.  Thanks for supply it.  
Works like a charm.  Thank you so much!

It doesn't work, the encryptions just outputs rubbish *sigh*

(and *double sigh* to all these [insert female name] comments)
i created a .htpasswd file but i dont no how to create a login form please help
Nice work!
your root path have to be like that.. else, your password does not accepted..

AuthUserFile "/var/www/vhosts/"

PRV2 Admin
Guys i have asked a question here but it was removed by the site admin!!!
I need your help on how to create and link the .htaccess and the .htpasswd files to gather instep to create password protected directories?
am using Linux based web hosting for the website and i need to protect some folders with password, any help would be really appreciated, thank you all inhere, hope you will help me?
Ive tried EVERYTHING I can think of. I'm almost positive my path is correct and it still says my username/password is invalid?

any ideas?
Just want to comment:  This tool is not for everyone.  If you are running apache in windows you need to use MD5 encryption for passwords. This tool does not seems to do that.   I am guessing that it uses the crypt function.  To generate the correct ones with MD5Encryption just go to the bin dir for apache and run htpasswd.exe. -c [location of .htaccess] [username]  It will prompt you for a password.  See:
Wed Developer
Excellent tool, works as said to.
nice if there's no unix box around
This tool is rubish doesnt work at all,

when i enter my password i get nothin when i enter what is meant to be the encrypted password wow i get in what goin on here ppl
Thanks for a very useful encryption tool! I like the rest of your site as well.
Hello everyone,

I have created the .htpasswd from this site
Name = develop
password = develop
It created me the .htpasswd as

I just copied and pasted in the .htpasswd file and tried logging in.
It jsut doesn't allow me to log in, Infact when i typed the password as 59DQtVkPTS4jk it allowed me in...

Can somebody help in this ?

Thanks in advance.
shemeer m ali

very,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, much

its very help fullllllllll

I want to thank you for great script
Hi all,
Am new to the .hta file thing.
And am asking for help to set the file on my server
am running a software site and i want to block access to specific folders in there so how to create and upload this file?
Any extra help would be really appreciated
Bulk Email Marketing Software
Could you just state what the maximum password length is, please? Can it work with 20-character passwords?
Travis Longley
How come my passwords dont have to be encrypted?...I was trying to figure this out forever but if my username was admin and the password was admin too the entry in the .htpasswd file would look like    Admin:Admin  How Come?
Am I going made passwords don't match

I've used free htaccess password encription sites for years. However I've tried to create a new one today using the user name and password of admin / apple. However, with each attempt the encrypted password is different.




What is going on?
I am new to this htaccess business, i am in the proces of building a website with web hosting company.  I have managed to create the pop up box and everyting, but i cannot seem to get my head the on why it does not accept the encryted login.  

I have been reading a lot on ht access, and some of it, is not making much sence.  

Do i have to install PHP, Apache on my Windows O/S.  

Can someone please advice
Hi, how can i find out the true path to put into my .htaccess file? i think thats what isn't working at the moment Sad it asks for password though, just doesn't seem to want to read the .htpasswd file with the answers in Sad
help much appreciated
i love you. i really do. telnet directions were bothering me for 2 hours straight. this is just amazing. thank you.
Great stuff! Cheers to the person who came up with the idea to get the server path using php! I cant believe i didnt think of it! =P me being a genious and all =P
NOTE:  On Godaddys server, that php code to see the path to the root directory will not show the whole thing, but godaddy's help menu show's what the code leaves out.  
I was having problems determining the full path to my root directory. I'm very thankful to the person who posted the small php file to extract the path. Now why didn't I think of that... Doh!!

Thanks again,
Jean Bisson
Tim Woolfson
Hi all,

It seems to me that relative paths from .htaccess to .htpasswd don't work - or at least not on my ISPs configuration.

I wrote a simple PHP file called whereami.php like this.

$dir = dirname(__FILE__);
echo $dir

Uploaded it to the relevant directory then opened it in a browser. That gave me the path and resolved the issue. Hope that helps you.

Tim Woolfson
Internet Marketng Consultant (UK and Spain)
This is perfect!!  After 2 day's of tring to figure this out and get Apache dowloaded, some one sends me this site and it saves me!!  Great job!
Thomas Walde-Jensen

After fiddling with the true path for about half an hour i got it to work beautifully. Very Happy
Have the same very annoying problem of finding HTACCESS no longer works. I have wasted 6 hours trying to discover how the problem can be resolved - but without success Sad

Our configuration is Apache  2.0.54 (Fedora)

Appreciate any ideas


Very interesting and beautiful site. It is a lot of helpful information. Thanks!
Hi. You have very nice website! Beautiful design.
sorry Johan, my comment was ment for Michael Friedlander
Johan Geuze
Thanks again for this wonderful tool
The reset button doesn't work.
Daniel, 4WebHelp Team Member
BT: The source code is not available for release, however the code is pretty simple and is based on the PHP crypt function. More information is available at
Great job! Thanks a lot...

Open resources, rule!!!

Thanks to who ever made this scripts>

It's the Bees Knees

Lovin' Ur Work!
I'm loving this script...It's very usefull, thanks for putting it here, saves me having to encourage a friend into writing me one. Please don't ever take it away..
salt? hashs's? i duno how it works but i like it Smile
Hey, i just wanna tell i love your script, and i use it all the time, don't ever break the link! Cheers T
Just thought I would say that this script is very useful....I use it all the time Very Happy

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