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 PHP: GIDTopsites - 'New script on the Block'
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Junior WebHelper
Junior WebHelper

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 14, 2002 4:18 pm (16 years ago) Reply with QuoteBack to Top


i just 'completed' my very first Topsites script - GIDTopsites and i wonder if there are some members here who might be interested to help me test the usability of this script. For the moment, I am ONLY interested in users for the script itself.

For those that might be interested in installing the script (not that i am assuming anything Wink), there are plans to offer a download of the script, if all works well (in the next month or 2) with the one i am using now.

Some Relevant INFO

The codes are in PHP 4.2.1, using MySQL and a template class (to render all the pages) - PLUS the resulting web pages will be valid XHTML.

Unlike other popular Topsite scripts, which reset the stats to ZERO based on a schedule, date or time, i designed this to maintain stats for the last 14 days, for example;
(so it will be updated daily, weeding out the sites that had their last activity 15 days ago, out of the list - hope that made sense Smile).

It should support members registring multiple websites with one account (still being worked on).

It's still too early for me to comment on the 'anti-cheating' aspects of the script but suffice to say some are in place already. I just need some help with some issues before i can figure them out.

What u will see at the homepage now and over the next few days is NOT going to be a pretty 'sight' (no pun...) and NOT something I would normally show the world, but in this case, it's not about the design of the pages but more about the workings of the script (since it's my first EVER script).

Tho the site is in 'draft-mode' as far as the design is concerned, the script is functional to the best of my knowledge but that's just me with my average MSIE and Windows ME, browsing, using the script - this is why I need the tests to be run...

Just incase u do go thru the registration and manage to get your website setup, don't be surprised if it does not appear on the list UNTIL, u get a confirmation email PLUS at least one VALID hit-in to the list off your website (it won't work from just any ol' link/domain btw e.g. promoting it on 3rd-party forums is just not going to be valid, so don't bother)!

Thank you (and once again, for NOT commenting on the design of the web pages themselves; i promise u it will be something presentable in a short time).

JdS from
The Learning Journal

'New script on the Block' - GIDtopsites
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