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General » What is a domain user?
A domain user is basically a user who can login to Plesk but only be able to access one domain. This may already be the type of account you have. However, some hosts give each user a "master" username and password, which can allow them to access multiple domains from one username (if they have multiple domains!). If you wish to allow someone to login to Plesk without giving them your "master" password, then you can use the domain user feature in Plesk.

- Login to your Plesk Control Panel
- Click on the name of the domain for which you would like to add a domain user
- Click on "DOMAIN USER"
- Fill in the "Password:" and "Confirm Password:" fields.
- Click "UPDATE"

Your domain user will now be able to login using "" as their username and the password set above. This user will not be able to access the control panel for any domain other than the one which they logged in with.
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